Experience and explore the edges of your body and mind.

Find your breath and settle into your body as you are guided through movements and breathing techniques that encourage you to let go of worries and come into the moment. Experience the many benefits yoga has to offer. In class you will be introduced to yogic concepts and techniques for bringing your mind into a calmer state and your body into balance. You may come for the stretch, but you will leave with so much more.

Beginner and advanced students are encouraged to attend any/or all class(es).  There is support and challenge offered to all levels.



15% off of Private Session when you purchase 5
yogaSutras Now begins the discipline of Yoga (Yoga Sutra 1:1) Yoga is the cessasion of the fluctuations of the mind (Yoga Sutra 1:2). Then the seer abides in it’s own Nature (Yoga Sutra 1:3).
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Summer Session Level 1

The summers get busy, but remember to take the time to slow things down and take care of yourself. We have 9 Wednesdays available this summer to practice self care. Each class has a different focus:
June 21st Bhava Yoga, setting intentions for the new season
June 28 Classical Hatha Yoga
July 5 Freedom of the Spine
July 12 Simple Flow (a more energetic practice)
July 19 Bhava Yoga, review and adjust intentions (or set new ones)
July 26 Detox with Yoga Asana and Pranayama
Off for 2 weeks for room renovations
August 16 Hatha Yoga and Yoga Nidra
August 23 Sun Salutations and Variations
August 30 Bhava Yoga- Review Intentions and Set new Intentions

Special pricing for buying multiple classes:
9 classes for $70 ($7.50/ class)
8 classes for $65 ($8/ class)
7 classes for $60 ($8.50/class)
6 classes for $55 ($9/class)
5 Classes of $50
Drop in classes $12/class.
Make payment in class or via PayPal to bbreathyoga@gmail.com

Restorative and Reiki

This is a no impact class good for even those who have medical issues and those with problems going from sitting to standing. We use lots of props (pillows, blankets, and blocks) to make ourselves as comfortable as possible, allowing our bodies to softly open into different positions. This is a deeply restorative class, great for the nervous, digestive, and immune systems. Pre-Registration is required.

July 23 from 6- 8 $25

August 20 from 6- 8 $30 *with Live Music

Take time to nourish yourself!